ASPA South Florida Chapter History

ASPA History

The Society is the professional home for more than 9,000 PA practitioners, academics, and students, with its South Florida Chapter comprising 1,000 members (Once they register, Miami-Dade County employees are automatic members),Miami-Dade County employees . The South Florida Chapter embraces the society's original concept of finding ways of assisting its members to work better in their profession under the auspices of the national founder.

ASPA was established 70 years ago to professionalize the public service, to keep members on the cutting edge of good government, and to help answer the enduring question of how to make a government work better. Over the years, ASPA has played a significant role in achieving these ends.

 The Society is a not-for-profit, internationally recognized Society committed to excellence in public service. ASPA provides its membership with education, research, technical assistance, and networking opportunities between academics and practitioners.